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Getting Into a Charter School

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Getting Into a Charter School

Getting into a charter school is both easy and challenging. Easy because the only requirement for enrollment is to complete the enrollment application; challenging because many charter schools are in high demand. Once open enrollment is underway and the openings in the charter school have filled, the remaining applicants will be placed on a waiting list. That list is then used in a public lottery that is held to fill any remaining spots. Most of these lotteries are held in the spring of each school year.

Unlike some private schools, getting into a charter school is not about ability or accomplishments. Since charter schools are public schools, any child is eligible to attend. Interviews and assessments are not done until after admittance has been ensured. These things are done in order for the school to ascertain the needs of their incoming students, so the teachers can be prepared to give the children the best suited education possible.



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