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Types of School Grants

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Types of School Grants

There are a wide variety of school grants available to educators everywhere. Grants can be district grants, in which the school district is awarded the grant money for a particular project, such as building a new school or providing district-wide resources. There are also campus grants that are given to a particular school for improvement, technology or whatever the grant was designed to provide. Smaller grants such as classroom grants exist as well.

Classroom school grants are typically much smaller in monetary funds than district or campus grants, but they are often easier to apply for and easier to obtain. This type of grant allows a specific classroom to go on field trips, purchase additional resources or participate in certain activities. Classroom grants can be applied for by teachers or principals, depending upon the way things are done in each specific district. Sometimes the district will insist that the actual grant writing be done by those in the district office as opposed to the teacher or principal.



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