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Over 2 Decades of Charter School Success

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Over 2 Decades of Charter School Success

Since 1992, when the first charter school opened in Minnesota, charter school success is a fact that is hard to deny. As of 2010, that one school had grown to 5,000 charters in 40 states including the District of Columbia. Those schools represent 1.5 million students being educated in rural, suburban and inner-city areas.

Charter school students amount to 3% of all public school students in the United States, but the success is seen in how quickly those numbers have grown – a 400% increase in a decade. This becomes more impressive when considering the number of students whose names are on waiting lists for the limited number of charter school slots available. In 2010 there were 365,000 such students.

Though the majority of charter schools are in urban areas they consistently outperform traditional public schools. That, coupled with the opposition faced from teachers unions and the traditional educational bureaucracy emphasizes the scope of charter school success.



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