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Why Do Some Charter Schools Perform Better than Others?

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Why Do Some Charter Schools Perform Better than Others?

There has been heated debate across the country over the effectiveness of charter schools. Various studies, like Stanford University’s Center for Research on Education Outcomes (CREDO) point to a mixed bag of results. Some states show poorer charter school student performance while others show marked improvement. Reviews of the State of Georgia’s public charter system explain its superior charter school student performance.

  • Georgia charter schools are more likely to enroll racial minorities: 41 percent of charter school students are African-American compared to the statewide average of 38 percent; about 9 percent of charter school students are Hispanic compared to 8 percent statewide; and 5 percent are Asian compared to 3 percent statewide.
  • Because traditional schools have failed this demographic, charter schools have been able to step in and offer real solutions.



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