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Universities and Charter Schools Working Together

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Universities and Charter Schools Working Together

Many charter schools and universities have joined forces in collaborative education programs that are mutually beneficial. Education majors, local charter schools, parents and students become a team focused on improving the skills of both the college mentor and the children with whom they are working. A typical collaborative education effort has at least two elements:

  • Mentor/Child: In one program, for example, an education major student meets with a third-grader once a week after school where, after a healthy snack, the child receives 30 minutes to an hour of focused help in improving reading comprehension and basic study skills.
  • Mentor/Parent: Once a month the same education major helps in a Saturday program in which parents of charter school children are learning English and receiving job search training.

These joint efforts provide real-world training for education majors, valuable one-on-one mentoring for children, and help to involve parents as a part of their child’s education team.



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