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Parents and New York City Charter Schools

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Parents and New York City Charter Schools

You may be considering enrolling your child in one of New York City’s charter schools. As you’ve done your research, you’ve probably learned that a charter school in New York City is very different than public schools operating within your school district. Things like smaller class sizes, curriculum tailored to serve a particular student body and community involvement are all attractive features.

Parent Involvement in Charter Schools

Parents are often involved on the ground floor of charter schools, even part of the creation of a charter school. Parents feel a sense of ownership and accountability to a school when they are involved at that level. This results in parents often being more active participants when the school opens.

Participation in Charter School Activities

Charter schools are very cognizant of how important it is to have parents included in school activities. In fact, most New York City charter schools will put their parent participation expectations in their application materials. Often, there are standards for parent dress, behavior and involvement in school activities. Parents are sometimes asked to sign a contract that spells out these standards and expectations.

It’s not unusual for a charter school to recruit parents to serve on their board and be active in school governance. There are also expectations about parents participating in fund-raising drives. Some charter schools have a Parent Advisory Council that lets parents offer feedback regarding school policies.



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