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Teaching in a Charter School in New York

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Teaching in a Charter School in New York

You often hear the argument that teachers in charter schools are less competent than their counterparts in both traditional public and private schools. But actually the reality is that in many schools, especially in New York, the students are academically very successful. A big percentage of that success comes from the teaching staff.

Freedom to Teach

Because charter schools are able to design so many aspects of their structure, choose curriculum focus and operate independently, teachers have freedom in teaching. Being able to teach their curriculum with more creativity than in traditional public schools allows for more autonomy, too.

Smaller Class Size

One of the many benefits of going to a New York charter school is the individual attention your child will receive. With fewer students in each class, teachers can spend the time needed to assist their students with much more 1:1 time. This also lets the teacher use teaching tools and techniques that might not be effective in large, overcrowded classrooms.

Academic Success of Charter Schools

According to some statistics from the New York Schools website, charter schools are academic high-achievers. The report states the 92% of charter schools outperformed their local districts in the state’s 2007-2008 standardized exams in math, and 76% outperformed in English language arts.

As New York’s charter schools continue to be successful, they will draw excellent teachers who are looking for a different kind of opportunity.



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