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New York City Private Schools

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New York City Private Schools

New York City has both some of the oldest and reportedly best private schools in the country. Finding an excellent private school won’t be hard, but admission slots are often difficult to secure. First, deciding what is important to you in your private school choice will help you in the process.


Using a checklist to compare schools can be helpful. You can have one for general areas and one to compare faculty and curriculum at each of your prospective schools. If you have narrowed your choices even more, you may be ready for school visits.


Where in the city are you most comfortable with a school’s location? If close proximity to your home is important, restrict your search to those areas.


There really isn’t a recognized ranking system for private schools in New York City. Keep in mind that even though admissions are limited, the schools are still vying for students. So although a school’s website or printed materials are enticing, stay focused on your list of requirements.

Further Questions

Below are some more questions to consider when choosing a private school:

• Is a school in your religious faith a priority?
• Do you want a college preparatory program?
• Does your child have a special interest in the arts or sports?
• Is a very structured environment important, like a military academy?
• Are you most comfortable with an open, progressive school philosophy?

Your answers to these questions will considerably narrow your category of choices. Be sure and jot down notes during this process.



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