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New York Private Schools

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New York Private Schools

The state of New York has close to 3,000 private schools; 2,146 pre-K through grade 8 and 708 grades 9 through 12. Often private or independent schools are not required to adhere to public school regulations; but New York has some fairly strict laws governing the operation of private schools.

Registration and Accreditation

Private high schools have to be registered with the state’s Board of Regents to allow the awarding of diplomas upon graduation. Accreditation also ensures that private schools meet the necessary educational curriculum criteria to give students state-sanctioned high school diplomas.

Funding and Financial Aid

The majority of funding for any private school comes from tuition. To accomodate students whose parents can’t afford tuition, many will offer financial aid. According to New York state law, private schools that follow the state’s curriculum and accreditation requirements may qualify to receive state funds. This allows the schools to help with state-funded data systems, attendance reporting procedures and other educational tools. This also allows private school students to request the loan of textbooks, computer software and things like library materials from the public schools.


The state requires private schools to have curricula that is “substantially equivalent” to that used in public schools in the area. This is particularly important in the core subjects like math and English. Most private schools pride themselves on offering a superior curriculum.



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