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Funding Charter Schools in New York

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Funding Charter Schools in New York

New York charter school funding still tends to fall below funding for traditional schools. Independent studies show that charter schools in New York City receive slightly less government funding than traditional public schools when the school is located in a public school building but nearly 20 percent less when the charter leases private space.

According to state statute, charter schools receive a minimum per-student allocation called adjusted operating expenses. That allocation in 2009 was $12,443 per student. The New York Department of Education also separately provides supplements funds for supplies, health, textbooks for all charter students and rent, utilities and security expenses for charters located in public schools.

Funding disparities exist at ever educational levels–elementary, middle, and high school–and for students in both general and special education. Debate will probably continue for years to come as to how much funding charter school really need.



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