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The Face of Education Changing in Large Cities

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The Face of Education Changing in Large Cities

Charter schools in large cities are changing the face of public education in areas that formerly seemed destined for complete failure. New York City has seen tremendous success in the Bronx and Harlem. Detroit, in spite of urban decay and a shrinking population base, is beginning to build a viable charter network. And New Orleans public education, all but lost after Hurricane Katrina, has been resurrected as the most vibrant network of effective charter schools in the nation.

One New Orleans success story is the Algiers Charter Schools Association. In a middle- to lower-class area, the associations had four schools rank in the top 25 of all public schools in New Orleans in academic achievement. The nine charter schools of the New Orleans West Bank areas represent 5,000 students. 70% of its special needs students graduated this year, far above the state average.



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