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Excellence in an Inner-City Charter School

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Excellence in an Inner-City Charter School

Charter schools in New York are the midst of a boom, and the only thing holding that boom back is the need for more charters to be allowed and built. One example of why they are in demand is the Bronx Charter School for Excellence (BCSE). With more than 300 students, grades K-8, the school is one of the most competitive public charter schools in New York State.

Students at BCSE aren’t even called students. Instead, they are scholars. The school ranks in the top 6% of all New York City elementary schools, received an “A” grade among all public schools and has the top performing 5th grade in the entire city system.

BCSE does all this while supporting working parents. It opens early, closes late and has weekend activities that involve both students and guardians. Like many other charter schools, parents are actively involved in their child’s education with high involvement in Parent-Teacher meetings and groups.



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