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Understanding the Waiting Lists in New Your Charter School Lotteries

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Understanding the Waiting Lists in New Your Charter School Lotteries

The New York charter school wait list tends to be quite lengthy, with less than 10% of all applicants being chosen in the charter lottery each year. Students and guardians can improve their chances by carefully researching various charter schools and applying for multiple schools in each lottery.

State law requires that charter schools give preference to returning students, students’ siblings and students whose residence is within the Community School District in which the charter school is located. At-risk students can also be showed preference.

Charter schools can express preferences for certain types of students, such as English language learners, students who qualify for free or reduced lunches or those who are not scoring at acceptable proficiency levels in their current school. Though wait lists are long, the preference system actually speeds up the process by placing students in schools that can best accommodate the kind of education they need.



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