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Charter Schools and SUNY in New York

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Charter Schools and SUNY in New York

The Charter Schools Act requires all NY charter schools to present, in writing, their stated goals for student achievement in their education programs and what methods will be used to evaluate if students have achieved learning spelled out in those goals.

Every charter school authorized by the State University Board of Trustees must take part in an Accountability Plan that then becomes a part of their charter. 75% of students that have been enrolled for at least two years in these charter schools have rated at levels 3 or 4 on state assessments. 92% of charter schools authorized through the State University of New York (SUNY) outperformed their local districts on the state assessment in mathematics.

Because SUNY has such high standards, five charter schools authorized through it have failed. Even so, the track record of charters in the state of New York is high compared to other states.



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