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Charter School Funding

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Charter School Funding

Charter school funding can be a challenge to get in place at the start-up and keep in place in order to maintain the school. While the state and local school district is required to fund charter schools, there is often not enough money for the full expenses of a start-up plus continuing support. This is why charter school funding is often found through a combination of sources, from state supplied funds to private grants and charitable donations.

Those in charge at the charter school should press their local school board for as much money as possible then they should pursue other alternatives. There are many companies in the community that provide grants and donations to schools in order to support the community's youth. Charter school funding through such avenues can be explored by approaching several of these companies and learning about their grant requirements to see if the charter school qualifies. Once that has been determined, the application process can begin and the avenues of charter school funding can be opened.



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