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Charter School Grants

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Charter School Grants

Charter school grants are a necessary part of funding for most charter schools. Even though technically charter schools are entitled to funding from the local public school district, most of the time those funds are not enough to start up and maintain the charter school's needs. The funding from school districts for charter schools is often only a fraction of what the public schools are getting.

The most common way to find charter school grants is through federal grant programs. The schools can directly apply for federal grants themselves or they can press the state education agencies for grant funding to be passed along to the charter schools. Applications for federal grants can be made online via websites for federal grant programs and the state board of education websites as well. Federal grants typically have a duration of three years before a re-application process must be undertaken.

Funding under the federal charter school grants can cover a myriad of necessary costs, from startup costs, such as the building and supplies to salaries and anything else deemed important to the success of the charter school



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