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Basics in Petitioning for a Charter

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Basics in Petitioning for a Charter

Petitions for charter schools vary in format from state to state, but generally these elements in common.

  1. Evidence that the proposed charter school curriculum and design for learning meet or exceed both local district and state standards.
  2. Performance-based criteria to measure the progress of the charter school. This includes identifying what tests will be used to indicate progress and how the test results will be reported.
  3. Evidence that the proposed charter school program cannot be achieved through the existing traditional educational program.
  4. A detailed budget along with evidence of ability to gather and manage additional funds obtained from private sources.
  5. Plans for providing education to the learning disabled and other special-needs groups.

Every state and many cities have their own unique additions to these basic elements. Before petitioning for a charter extensive research is required to ensure presenting necessary information for a successful petition.



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