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Charter Schools and Excellence

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Charter Schools and Excellence

While charter school performance varies, there is no doubt such schools are excelling in many areas in which education has floundered for some time. Charter schools in urban New Jersey perform far better than traditional schools in the same area. And, in New Orleans the performance of charter schools has become a model to decaying inner cities around the country.

The State of Florida led the nation in 2010 in charter school openings and is showing superior results from students in those schools. Facts about charter schools in Florida include:

  • 59 charter schools that educated 154,481 students
  • Charter schools are operating in 43 of Florida’s 67 counties
  • 72% of the 260 charter schools were rated in 2009 & 10 receive and A or B grade rating.
  • Second in the nation in the number of students enrolled and third in the number of charter schools.



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