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Formula for Excellence in Charter Schools

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Formula for Excellence in Charter Schools

Factors in charter school excellence include:

Culture of Learning – While mission statements, methods, and teaching styles may vary, the common denominator in successful charter schools is a culture of learning.

Clear Mission – Charter schools excel because they are driven by the mission statement of their charter. Most have clear and concrete goals that can be and are measured on a regular basis.

Assed Expectations on Teachers – There is no tenure in a charter school. Teachers are often paid more but also have higher expectations placed upon them. It isn’t unusual for a teacher in a college prep charter to be expected to take phone calls from students long after the dinner meal.

Family Commitment – Parents are often expected to sign pledges along with the student in their home to certain commitments. As a result, parent involvement in student’s learning and attendance for parent-teacher conferences is significantly higher than in traditional schools.



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