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Charter Schools and Performance Review

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Charter Schools and Performance Review

Charter school performance reviews are one of the hallmarks of the charter movement that set them apart from many traditional public schools. All schools undergo evaluation, but what is unique to charters schools is the frequency of reviews and the consequences should a charter school fail.

The length of charters varies from state to state, but three to five years is an average. Before that period ends, a charter school must petition for renewal of its charter. Because the review process is so important, a number of helpful resources have been developed to prepare a charter school both for petition to organize and review for a new charter.

One such resource is The Charter School Review Process: A Guide for Chartering Entities. Though written in 1998, the free resource is invaluable in pulling together information needed in the review process. Because politics plays a large role in regulations concerning charters, schools must also consult legal advice on any changes in state or local statutes.



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