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Mission Statements and Petitioning for a Charter

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Mission Statements and Petitioning for a Charter

The first step in opening a new charter school is to present an official petition for charter school as required by states that allow charters. What needs to appear in a petition varies from state to state and therefore should be researched thoroughly. Before a petition can be presented a team must first be assembled to work together in formulating a clear and concise mission statement.

The mission statement becomes the unifier all actions and decisions taken from that point on in petitioning for a charter. Here is an example of a good mission statement.

Our mission is to inspire students, empower parents, and promote a life-long love for learning by creating an environment in which academic success is personalized and achievable for all children. Parents, working with credentialed teachers, prepare, monitor, and implement programs that enrich, challenge, and inspire students to embrace personalized academic success.



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