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Charter Schools and College Prep

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Charter Schools and College Prep

Many states are beginning to see charter schools as the frontline in college prep strategies for secondary education. The U.S. Department of Education and the National Charter School Resource Center recently hosted a conference in New Orleans to address how to enable more charter schools toward that end.

Transforming Urban Public Education: Exploring the Potential of City-Based Strategies brought charter school experts and other interested parties together to learn more about the growing city-based models that are using charter schools as a primary element in citywide reform initiatives.

The location of the one-day conference was no accident. Charter schools have all but replaced the school system that existed before Hurricane Katrina and the results are amazing. The New Orleans Charter Science and Math Academy had 90% of its students pass in math proficiency and 80% passed the English Graduate Exit Exam. That compares to only 20% at neighboring traditional schools.



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