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The Ground Floor of a Charter School

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The Ground Floor of a Charter School

A charter school opening is never something that occurs in a short time or without a great deal of planning. The first step in opening a new charter school is exploration. Initial exploration involves:

  1. Reviewing state laws and policies
  2. Becoming familiar with current charter school work in the state in which a new school is to be opened.
  3. Networking with existing schools.
  4. Building a core founding group of educators, charter experts, legal and government representatives and financial planners.
  5. Designing a comprehensive school plan. A successful plan includes a clear and agreed-upon mission and vision, a description of school administrative structure and how it will be governed, an overview of the instructional program, plans for staffing and financing and preliminary plans for facilities and equipment.

All of these aspects must be firmly in place before looking for an authorizer and moving ahead with plans for a new charter school.



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