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When a Charter School Closes

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When a Charter School Closes

Opponents of charter schools tend to point to a charter school closing as evidence traditional public schools are better. But the reasons for the closing of a charter school point far different conclusions.

Reasons for Charter School Closings
• Financial mismanagement
• Poor test scores
• Ineffective administration

Why are charter schools closed?
These schools operate under a charter from their respective states that calls for certain academic and financial standards. In many states these charters are reviewed on an annual basis and can be terminated relatively quickly. When a charter is terminated, the school is dissolved under the provisions of law by which the school was organized. All properties purchased with public funds are absorbed into the public school system.

Traditional public schools have similar problems but tend to remain in operation long after a charter school operating with the same results. Because of this charter schools that do perform seldom stay in business for long making room for such schools that succeed.



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