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Comparing Test Scores for Charter and Traditional Schools

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Comparing Test Scores for Charter and Traditional Schools

Charter school test scores tend to vary across the country because of a number of factors, including a school’s focus and the effectiveness of its administration. The best comparison of charter school test scores with traditional school scores is to compare areas in which there is a high concentration of charter schools and traditional schools near each other.

A survey done by, for example, compared charter schools in the South Bronx, Central Brooklyn, and Harlem with their traditional school counterparts in the same area. By doing this one can get a fairly good picture of how test scores compare among students from the same demographic. The survey found:

  • Subject proficiency was about 50% compared to 35% in traditional public schools.
  • Test scores were significantly better in math than traditional public schools
  • South Bronx charters had a proficiency rating 25% higher than traditional schools in the same area.



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