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Magnet Schools Still Drawing In the Best

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Magnet Schools Still Drawing In the Best

Magnet schools have become an integral part of many school systems’ approach to ensuring superior preparation for college and careers. Unlike other open-enrollment high schools the magnet school generally offers alternative approaches to learning and focuses on a limited set of disciplines. Various such schools focus on:

  • Science and mathematics
  • Performing arts and music
  • Medical and medical services careers
  • High-achieving students

Because magnet schools are focused, students attending them are more likely to exhibit interest and excellence in the courses taught. Teachers in magnet schools tend to be more experienced and have career experience in the subjects they teach. Funding is often higher for these schools because of the caliber of teacher and facilities needed.

Most magnet schools have open house each year and encourage perspective students and parents to learn more first-hand about the teaching philosophy and course structure of the school.



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