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Foundations for Learning in Charter Schools

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Foundations for Learning in Charter Schools

Education in a charter school is built on the premise that teachers and administrators who are free to use innovative methods and are then held accountable for the results perform better. When teachers perform better, students do as well.

Innovation and accountability creates an environment for learning in which parents, teachers, and students work together toward a common goal of learning. There are three basic hallmarks to education in a charter school.

  • Choice: Parents are allowed to choose the school their child attends. By the same token administrators and teachers choose the school in which they teach.
  • Flexibility: Decisions about and implementation of teaching strategies can be realized much more quickly than in traditional school.
  • Accountability: Charter schools have a multi-tiered accountability system (state, school, student, and parent) that leads to quality schools and higher achievement. They create an environment in which parents are more involved, teachers can be more innovative, and students are given the structure they need to learn.



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