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Closing the Gap with Charter School Students Scores

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Closing the Gap with Charter School Students Scores

In 2006, charter school students scores were falling behind their more traditional counterparts. However, recent studies, such as one reported on by The New York Post, reveal a widening gap between the two types of schools. Over the last four years, charter school students have consistently outperformed traditional public-school students. Areas of study in which charter students excel include:

  • 18% more proficient in eighth-grade social studies.
  • 15% more proficient in eighth-grade science.

Among other reasons given for the proficiency of charter school students in social studies and science are the length of class hours and the school year. Many traditional public schools focus on math and reading, so less attention is given to other subjects. One subject where student scores continue to lag in both charter and traditional schools is reading. Unfortunately, many school boards are reducing funding for tutors in this much needed area.



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