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Organization Supports NYC Charter Schools

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Organization Supports NYC Charter Schools

New York City has an independent, not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to supporting all aspects of New York City charter schools. Called the New York City Charter School Center, the group was established in 2004 and is a wonderful resource for assisting the city’s charter schools.

The Organization’s Mission

The mission statement says, “The New York City Charter School Center envisions a future in which all of New York’s students have access to a first-rate public education, so that, no matter their background, they can participate in society on fair terms.”

The Center supports charter schools through every stage of development, starting the school, helping existing schools, building support from the community and training staff and leadership of the schools.

Programs Offered by the Center

• New School Institute – This is a two-part program that helps teams that are starting a charter school. They learn about the authorization process and operating procedures. The program also offers help with start-up grants.
• Incubation space – Founders of charter schools usually don’t have facilities in which to meet for planning. The Center provides space and office support.
• Start Right loans – The Center Start Right loan program provides some financial support so that schools can hire staff during their start-up period.

Clearly, the New York City Charter School Center is very invested in seeing the city’s charter schools succeed.



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