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Wide Divide Between Public and Charter School Funding

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Wide Divide Between Public and Charter School Funding

It’s promising that new public charter schools are opening up in larger numbers. A public charter school can offer a welcome alternative to traditional public school. It’s encouraging also that prominent politicians are getting behind charters.

New Jersey governor, Chris Christie, recently announced that his state budget was increasing funding for charter schools by 50%. This follows his administration approving 23 new charter schools. He strongly believes that parents deserve a choice in their children’s education.

Funding is A Different Matter

While this is good news, the financial realities are more complex. The state’s budget is providing limited direct funding to the charter schools which leaves them once again struggling to overcome their financial challenges.

Charter school administrators are concerned about the funding issues facing public charter schools, especially that there is no funding for facilities as there is for traditional public schools. But charter school backers are still pleased to hear about the growing numbers of new charter schools that are opening in the state.

Difficult to Monitor

There is also the continuing issue of low resources for oversight and monitoring of charter schools. This is a problem as many charter schools have lost their charters due to poor performance. Adequate monitoring helps alleviate this issue. Christie hopes that the legislature will support allowing state colleges and universities to oversee charters.



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