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Public Charter Schools Face Challenges

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Public Charter Schools Face Challenges

In some areas, public charter schools are overtaking traditional public schools in the number of students enrolled. Public charter schools are bound by the same admission requirements as district public schools. Any child who seeks enrollment in school is eligible for admission. Charter schools can’t block admission of any student. Unfortunately, that presents a challenge for public charter schools as they are being asked to provide services for special needs students.

Parents Seek Help in Charter Schools

Many parents who feel their special needs children are underserved in traditional public schools are moving their children to charter schools. But statistics are showing that in many areas of the country, charter schools are serving only about half the children with severe disabilities as are public schools. Charter schools try to accommodate special needs students, but many are falling behind.

Lack of Public Support

This difficulty for charter schools in serving a special needs student population is the lack of proper funding. Charter schools, although funded publically like traditional public schools, don’t have the central support or larger funding allocations that the public school districts have.

Hopes for the Future

It’s very important for parent of special needs children that they have the appropriate setting for their child’s education. The challenge for charter schools is to find creative solutions for these children so that their educational and supportive needs are met. Hopefully, this issue will be addressed more thoroughly as charters continue to grow.



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