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What is Global Education?

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What is Global Education?

We live in an increasingly interconnected world. That fact is one of the cornerstones of global education. Global education is a very different approach to teaching and learning. A global perspective teaches competencies so that students begin to understand how their singular viewpoint meshes with that of a global society.

Global Relationships

Students learn how this country shares common ecological, economic, political and social issues with other parts of the world. They can then see the complexity of our world and shift to a new way of thinking and behaving. Looking at these relationships allows a student to also think more in terms of a partnership with the rest of the world instead of certain countries or people being dominant.

Cultural Understanding

By stepping outside of the familiar, students can look at other cultures respectfully and look at a world based on cooperation. This shift is perspective is often called “transformative learning.” This includes:
• Analyzing the world’s present situation
• A look at what alternatives there are to dominant models
• A process of moving towards being a responsible global citizen

Teaching Global Education

Since global education is a different teaching model, educators have to take courses to become familiar with this teaching method. There is more of a focus on social, political and economic aspects of other nations. These teachers also have a good basic, traditional education-track foundation on which to build.

This is an exciting, timely approach to educating children to open up their horizons!



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