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Number of Private Schools in New York City Increasing

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Number of Private Schools in New York City Increasing

Acceptance and admission to a private school in New York City can be a difficult process, since so many parents apply and the openings are limited. This is especially true for the private schools that are considered by many to be the top choices. People often apply to 10 schools and wait to be accepted at one.

Increased Demand

Because of the high demand for placement in private schools, many of the existing schools are expanding their facilities and there is a flurry of new schools opening. When the economy was more fragile, getting into schools was easier, but now with increased confidence, many parents are able to once again choose private schools for their children.

Education experts also say that people are having more children and they want them to be raised and to go to school in the city. Recent data released from the Mandell School about the increased demand, for instance, said there typically are 50 kindergarten slots available to 500 applicants.

Breaking into a “Clubby” Atmosphere

Despite new private schools entering the New York City arena, there is a perception that it’s hard to break into an older, well-established group of “elite” private schools. Many of the new schools are taking a global approach, planning on opening schools overseas.

Whatever your choice of New York City private school, you will soon have more options.



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