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Choosing the Right Private School in New York

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Choosing the Right Private School in New York

When you are looking into enrolling your child in a private school in New York, it can be overwhelming. There are so many good ones from which to choose. What might help is to consider the four factors below.

1. The School

It’s hard to decide on a school until you’ve visited and met the administration and staff. If you are impressed by them, move on to looking at your list of requirements. Does this school meet criteria for your child’s education and well-being? Will he or she fit in here? What overall feel do you get from your visit? Does it feel right?

2. Sports Programs

If your child is interested in a particular sport or two, find out about the school’s sports program. Are they known for their swim team? What level of baseball is being played? What about the coaches? Meeting the coach can give you a feel for the sports program.

3. Extracurriculars

One of the goals for your child is to have a well-rounded experience in private school. Find out what kind of extracurricular activities are offered. This is an area where public school funding has come up short. One of the advantages of a private school is that programs are not cut for budgetary reasons.

4. The Teachers

Of course the quality of teaching staff is probably the most critical component. How do you know that the teachers will give your child the attention he needs? Private schools administrators have the ability to dismiss any teacher that doesn’t meet their high standards. Public schools aren’t able to do that very easily. Know that in a private school setting, your child will be in good hands.



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