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Advocating for Charter Schools in New York

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Advocating for Charter Schools in New York

You may have seen in the news lately that charter schools in many areas are struggling. Like all public schools, funding is an issue. Maintaining high academic standards in a budget-conscious environment can be difficult. It’s important to keep charter schools as a viable option to traditional public schools for students.

New York Charter Schools Association (NYCSA)

The New York Charter School Association is an organization that serves the majority of New York’s charter schools. The following areas of service help support charter schools:

• “Advocate” – NYCSA advocates for funding, and legislative policies that are favorable to charter schools. With close media awareness, the organization keeps parents and community leaders aware of new on policies affecting charter schools in New York.
• “Incubate” – Getting established in the early years is critical for a school. NYCSA offers an incubation program to help schools develop. Those efforts include workshops, coaching and things like grant-writing support.
• “Elevate” – Just like it sounds, NYCSA helps schools achieve high academic success for students. These efforts also help troubled charter schools turn around and rebound. This program makes sure charter schools are in compliance with their charters.
• “Connect” – This is NYCSA’s effort to connect with critical audiences to help them reach their goals. They use networking events, fund-raising with corporate partners and assist the schools with building necessary alliances.



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