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New York Charter Schools General Information

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New York Charter Schools General Information

Each state has different guidelines for the creation and operation of charter schools. Systems like methods of accountability, funding and other parameters are on a state-by-state basis. New York charter schools have a high level of freedom to operate without much intervention by the state. New York’s charter schools’ charters are contracts that are for a period of five years, with renewal of up to five years.


New York charter schools are not accountable to local school districts, superintendents or a board of education. This allows the schools to decide on several critical aspects:
• Length of the school day
• Length of the school year
• Choice of having a residential campus or not
• Uniform requirements
• Division of time between specific core curricula


New York charter schools originated in 1998 with the New York state legislature enacting the New York Schools act of 1998 and this became part of the state’s Education Law. The law governs the approval and functioning of New York’s charter schools.

Charter School Regions

New York’s charter schools are divided into six regions:
• Western New York
• Central New York
• Capital District
• Hudson Valley
• New York City
• Long Island

Charter schools in New York are funded by the public tax money that comes through the student’s school district of residence. A charter school student is allotted a per-pupil amount that a public school district would spend. But charter schools only receive between 60 to 80 percent of money that is allocated to a public school district.



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