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Academy Charter Schools

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Academy Charter Schools

Academy is a word that can be traced back to the Greek philosopher and teacher Plato. The definition is interpreted different ways, but the origin is “a school for advanced education” or “a school for special instruction.” Now the word is a term for a private-school model of education, sometimes focusing on a particular subject, like medicine. There are also charter schools that while not private schools, are called Academy Charter Schools.

Different Focus

People usually automatically associate “academy” with private schools. One sub-category of academy school may have a particular focus, such as serving students with Attention-Deficit Disorder (ADD) or learning disabilities. Others may be strongly identified as having a strictly college preparatory track. Academies can encompass grades K-12 or just elementary, middle or high-school level schools.

Academy Charter Schools

Academy-type charter schools are fundamentally the same as the various private schools models, but are based on the charter school publicly funded design. So a group of charter school creators – educators, parents and entrepreneurs may come together with a very specific educational approach, focus or defining principle.

Because the concept of academies has a hundred-year-old history, the name adds a certain level of credibility to charter schools, which are relatively new education models. So, for parents deciding on a particular charter school, the idea of an academy may be appealing on several levels.



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