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Benefits of Private Schools

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Benefits of Private Schools

As parents weigh the pros and cons of public versus private schools for their children, there are several strong arguments for going private. The following aspects of a private school education are very compelling.

Class Size
We hear tales of public schools having classes so large that students have to pull in chairs from other rooms just to have a space. Of course, that isn’t always the case, as many public schools try very hard to limit class size.

Private schools are better able to control their class sizes. This allows teachers to learn more about your child and provides more time for one-on-one interaction and individualized teaching. This aspect is especially helpful for at-risk children who benefit from more attention.

Academic Achievement
The academic standards in private schools are very high. Because of this, more success is expected of these students. It may be that this push, combined with more individual attention, results in a higher performance from them. Students may also have to meet more criteria to keep their grade point average high.

This doesn’t mean that public schools necessarily are lax when it comes to expectations of academic achievement. Private schools don’t have the financial restraints that public schools have in educational resources.

Better Funding
The financial restraints that public schools have are circumvented in private schools by high tuitions that can fund special programs. Arts are emphasized just as public schools have no choice but to cut theses important programs.



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