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Private School Overview

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Private School Overview

One of the most significant ways a private school differs from a public school is in funding. Public schools are funded by government entities and private schools are corporations, supported by private funds. Along with funding sources, the two often have very divergent educational philosophies, teaching methods, and curriculum.

Which is Best?
People are divided on whether private or public school offers the best education. One argument is that private schools offer a superior education. Another viewpoint is that public schools provide more “real-world” exposure for students.

Private vs. Public School Funding
Public schools are supported by federal, state, and local taxes. Many public schools are insufficiently funded, and closing segments of education, like art and music. Private schools rely on tuition as a main revenue source. But tuition can be prohibitive to many students whose parents aren’t able to afford it.

Religious and Secular
At one time, private schools were primarily affiliated with a religion, such as Catholic, Protestant, Islamic, and Jewish faiths. Tuition came from parents of students, but the schools also received support from their religious sources. More recently, there are secular private sector schools.

Public schools have to accept any child because it’s the law. Obviously, private schools are selective in admissions because they are not required to accept every student who applies. Therefore, the selection and admission process is quite a bit more complex for private schools.

Benefits of Both
No matter which type of school your child attends, each has benefits to offer. It’s a choice determined by your individual financial situation, educational belief system, and personal preference.



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