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Benefits of Charter Schools

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Benefits of Charter Schools

In a sense, charter schools could be called a hybrid between traditional public schools and private schools because a charter school is a public school, but it's designed for a particular student population. Instead of a public school district system of schools, a charter school is typically a one-school district.

Specific Aspects

A charter school is formed by a group of people comprised of parents, teachers, community leaders and often private educational entrepreneurs. This group writes a charter outlining the school’s intended principles, accountability parameters, etc. This focused effort results in a tailored educational program that while exclusive in its goals, is still open to any student.

High Standards

Due in part to the accountability required of charter schools, there is incentive to reach higher than traditional public schools. The creators of the charter have a vision of what they see as an ideal educational environment.

Open Admission

Charter schools are required by law to have an open admission policy, and this includes doing outreach and recruiting students from their communities. Charter schools must be secular and not discriminate in either admissions or hiring of staff.

Offering Choice

Because of the diversity in the people who form charter schools and the variety of curriculum options, charter schools offer many choices. This enables families to select a school that best meets their needs. Charter schools also offer educators different choices. A teacher who has chosen a specific charter school will be in tune with their educational philosophy.



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